Visual Merchandising

"Visual Merchandising (VM) is an indispensable retail discipline, consisting of a series of practical selling tools that are used to influence what and how much consumers buy."
-Karl McKeever

Our freelance visual merchandising service benefits small businesses and boutiques by giving the owner a cheaper option of only hiring a merchandiser when needed (during new flow, change in seasons or holidays). Store owners receive visual merchandising support without having to hire a full or part time employee. We will come into any clothing/shoe/accessory boutique and set up visual displays inside the store, window/store front displays, and/or merchandise the product in the store to fit the lifestyle of the consumer and the soul of the store. When merchandising based off of lifestyle and a set of visual/product rules, we will merchandise to maximize sales and ensure an emotional connection that will create repeat customers.

With a combined visual merchandising experience of 10 years, we can quickly map a plan for your store and execute it promptly. Your company is sure to get the best eye and attention to detailing/outfitting when we help set up your store for success.

The fee for visual merchandising is $26/hr each but there is no long-term commitment! If we work for you and your store than only hire us the next time you are in need of a change!

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