A Fine Fall Day

(Sweater - PacSun, Scarf - gifted, Rings - gifted and handmade, bracelet - express, Crossbody - Kelly and Katie, Boots - Steve Madden from DSW)

We juuuuust got back from a trip to visit my family up in Maine!  It was fantastic!!!!  And obviously, it was gorgeous.  My dad continued to remind us that it was "peak foliage" in his ever goofy and joyful voice.  But hey, he was right! There were so many pretty things to see.  And We were surrounded by some of the best people to see them.  We even got to see my brother Jacob's football game!

some of the "peak foliage" and scenery
Ryan and I !!
My family ready for Jacob's game (youngest brother)
Jacob ready to play!


We were recently challenged to a style off to create a styled look featuring the Fall Men's Suit Collection from Bonobos!

This menswear company feels that they make the clothing, but you make it your own.  

"Style shouldn’t be complicated. Looking your best doesn’t need to be hard. It’s really about being yourself and finding what fits. We created Bonobos to help with both, offering well-crafted, great-fitting clothing and a top-notch shopping experience that’s simple and painless."

Here is a look at what we came up with for a cozy fall ensemble...

All in all, we are pretty pumped about the new line -  it's tailored and extremely sophisticated.  While it is certainly something to brag about, the company also features items that are a little less schnazzy too.  Some of which I have my eye on for Ryan for Christmas! (Can you believe it's already so close!?!)

Let's stay on track though -back to the suits... take a look at some of these sneek peak, ultra dapper, lookbook shots.

Until Next Time!


Who says no white after Labor Day?

(Top - Old Navy, Vest - Loft, Denim - Victorias Secret, Bag - Steve Madden, Shoes - Levity from DSW)

Rules Schmules - I got this fun vest and wanted to show it off!!!  
Christie is now off living in Spain!  I can't wait to see what posts she has in store from over there.  While she is away I have recruited Ryan to help take photo's for me, so get ready for tons of posts from the middle of our road.  He isn't going to be quite as enthusiastic about seeking out fun backdrops, but here and there maybe I'll talk him into it :)
Until Next Time!


Luis Machicao

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the opening night of a couture display by Luis Machicao.
It was incredible!  His work is absolutely breathtaking.  Currently you can view the display at LaCa Projects.
I was like a dual agent too, because majority of the shoes were on display from DSW! Woo hoo!!
That being said I flew solo that night to represent, and didn't have a wing-man to help make sure I was captured in any fun photos :(

And here is a bit of what was happening!
What did I tell you? Wonderful work.  
Until next time!


The Charlotte Model Experience

The next big thing in modeling has hit Charlotte, NC.  
Models looking to begin a portfolio - look no further!

"We exist so to assist aspiring models by creating the type of photos that will help them achieve recognition. We develop relationships with our clients and provide the kind of service that makes them view us as their photographer and not simply another photographer."

The Charlotte Model Experience offers a low cost session that includes your basic head and full body shots, as well ass full hair, make up, and styling from local Charlotte professionals.   Let's not forget the photographers themselves,  Michael Burgan and Matt Vivanco
You all know Michael, right?! He has done some photo's for our blog, and my (Ashley Jane's) engagement and wedding photos! 
All in all, you are in good hands and in for an amazing experience!

I had the chance to style at one of these amazing photo shoots.  It was an all day affair filled with fun, friends, and of course fashion.

Ashley Jane in the background consulting with Matt, and a Model being prepped by a guest MUA front and center.
Michael photographing model Alexya. Outfit styled by Ashley Jane
Alexya Papadog, styled by Ashley Jane
Jessica Hall Wallace and Alexya Papadog, styled by Ashley Jane

There were tons and tons of looks that day, however I can only post what the models choose to share. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes from future shoots and definitely check out The Charlotte Model Experience! 


Hey Morocco!

(top- Forever 21, pants- Forever 21, shoes- Urban Outfitters, crossbody- vintage, necklace- Forever 21, ring and bracelet- circa 2005 from an ex-boyfriend....handmade in NM)

So...I got my VISA. Got my plane ticket. Purchases luggage and a bookbag, starting to pack... and countdown. Only 18 more days until I will be living in Spain.
On an island.
In the Mediterranean.
Words cannot describe how excited and how scared I am!
I've put off packing the past week because I am so nervous, when I start to pack I just get overwhelmed and crawl into bed and pass out!
And I have completely forgotten about the blog! I have been so wound up in all of my plans that I haven't posted any looks in forever! We need to keep this ball rolling. I can't wait to post pics of fashion in Spain!
Side note-love these pants, they remind me of a spread in one of last year's fashion mags of tiled wall paintings in Morocco.


p.s. sorry about the wrinkled shirt. I had it in a suitcase. oops.

Casual Friday

(Dress - Target, Sandals - Madden Girl from DSW, Satchel - Thrifted, Necklace and Ring - Jewels by Park Lane)

Even going out and about to run errands, it is nice to get dressed up at least a litttttle bit.  Throw on some funky shoes and some cute jewelry to take that casual dress up a notch.