Hey Morocco!

(top- Forever 21, pants- Forever 21, shoes- Urban Outfitters, crossbody- vintage, necklace- Forever 21, ring and bracelet- circa 2005 from an ex-boyfriend....handmade in NM)

So...I got my VISA. Got my plane ticket. Purchases luggage and a bookbag, starting to pack... and countdown. Only 18 more days until I will be living in Spain.
On an island.
In the Mediterranean.
Words cannot describe how excited and how scared I am!
I've put off packing the past week because I am so nervous, when I start to pack I just get overwhelmed and crawl into bed and pass out!
And I have completely forgotten about the blog! I have been so wound up in all of my plans that I haven't posted any looks in forever! We need to keep this ball rolling. I can't wait to post pics of fashion in Spain!
Side note-love these pants, they remind me of a spread in one of last year's fashion mags of tiled wall paintings in Morocco.


p.s. sorry about the wrinkled shirt. I had it in a suitcase. oops.

Casual Friday

(Dress - Target, Sandals - Madden Girl from DSW, Satchel - Thrifted, Necklace and Ring - Jewels by Park Lane)

Even going out and about to run errands, it is nice to get dressed up at least a litttttle bit.  Throw on some funky shoes and some cute jewelry to take that casual dress up a notch.


Shine On

(Top - Free People, Skirt - Loft, Necklace and Bracelet - Jewels by Park Lane, Shoes - Nine West at DSW)

I love love love love love this outfit!  I can wear it day time, night time, date time, work time - whenever! And I always feel like a glamazon.
A sequined skirt is definitely a piece you can not go wrong investing in - I say investing, but I snagged mine from the clearance rack for like $15.  Don't be afraid to do a little digging for that gotta-have-it perfect item!
My cage sandals were a perfect grab, also. I didn't think I'd wear them as much as I actually do.  So my last bit of fashion advice today is, don't be afraid to get that thing that you were a littttttle unsure of!!!
Lot's and Lotttttt's happening with us these days!  A little bit of my end ~
I recently helped style at a photo shoot for The Charlotte Model Experience (behind the scenes and finished looks to come soon!)  I'm hoping to work with that team more in the future too!  But for now I'm still settling in to my married life.  I'm sorry I've been so delayed in getting some photo's of our new place!  I promise I'll have some soon...we have been having some troubles uploading photo's recently. 



(top- Courtesy of Ashley Jane from PacSun, pants- Target, shoes- Shoedazzle, necklace- Forever 21, sunnies- D&G, bracelets- Charlotte Russe)

I love love love this look. I wish we could have found a cleaner backdrop...but we do what we can!
These pants are a tad too big in crotch and butt, but I just can not get rid of them! I <3 them too much.
I also love this shirt that Ashley-Jane got from PacSun! It is super soft and super sexy and sleek.

shooting daggers

(Top- Nasty Gal, Denim-Loft, Shoes - Shoedazzle, Pointed Necklace - Rue 21, Gear Necklace - Handmade, Bracelet - Swell, Sunglasses - Vans, Clutch - Urban Expressions)

You guys may remember this top from a post a loooong time ago, but I had worn it with black pants and different accessories. This top is already a little edgy, but I had worn it to accentuate that. This time around, I wanted to see if I could make it a bit more girly. Did I succeed? You tell me!
In other news, The wedding was fantastic!  I'll be getting the rest of my photo's soon and can't wait to share even more with everyone.  Our new house is coming along really well too, so I'll have some fun focal area's to show off. Yay!
Stay tuned!

I wish I was on a Boat

(top- H&M, shorts- Forever21, shoes- Sperry's, bag- Aldo, boat necklace- J.Crew, anchor necklace- Forever21, belt- J.Crew, gold bracelets- Banana Republic/J.Crew/VS, rope bracelets- GAP/Target)

I can not believe how fast the summer has gone!
AJ and I have been terrible at posting and taking pics!
We haven't even shared half of our looks.
Hopefully after this week it will settle down a bit.
I am going to D.C. on Wednesday to apply for my Spanish Visa. This will be the final step in the process.
After I receive my visa it is smooth sailing from there...and only a few things on the "To Do" List to check off:
Sell things, Pack, Sell things, Pack, Move.
See you Soon SPAIN

Sweden and AJ's Wedding!

Ahhh!!! We are so sorry that we have been MIA for the past month! It is easy to lose track during the summer when there are so many activities, vacations and weddings happening!
If you were all wondering what we have been up to then I will tell you.....I went on a two week trip to Stockholm and Ashley-Jane got MARRIED! I am now back from my adventure and settled in for a while but AJ won't be back for another week; she is in Florida for her HONEYMOON!
While we wait for my partner in crime to get back, take a look at a few pics of our lives during the past month! What is everyone else doing this summer? Have you gone on any trips?! Have any planned for the next few months?! or have you just been lounging poolside!
(flying over Greenland)
(view of Gamla Stan and Kungsholmen from Södermalm)
(going out to the archipelagos)
(standing on the shore of one of the archipelago islands)
(Gröna Lund amusement park)
(Gripsholms Slott)
(cloudberries and "glass"...ice cream in Swedish at the Grand Hotel)
(bachelorette party)
(the girls! getting ready of course! c/o Michael Burgan)
(the boys c/o Michael Burgan)
(best looking bridal party I've ever seen. c/o Michael Burgan)
(sweet endings)