Personal Shopping

This exclusive full service provides you with the opportunity to explore the most current trends and fashions in the comfort of your own home.  All of the items we select are hand-picked to reflect your personal taste and individuality. 

            To Begin, we will meet for a complimentary style profiling session.  This may take up to an hour, and will help us build your client profile to determine what items you will be interested in.  The session concludes with our client contract, and credit card filing.

            After completing your style profile, we are ready to shop!   When you are ready, contact us at your convenience to let us know what items you are seeking to obtain. Whether a specific occasion, or simply to update your wardrobe, we will find the perfect pieces to meet all of your needs.

            Upon delivery, you will have 5 business days to try on all of the items in your home.  At the scheduled time, we will visit you to pick up any merchandise you do not wish to keep, and take them back to the retailers as a complimentary return service.
            After the Pick Up visit, your stored credit card will be charged for the items you keep, and our service fee – 40% of your final bill.

            We seek to build a lasting relationship with our clients by providing them with our highest level of service and respect.   Through genuine follow up’s, incomparable convenience, and frequent fashion updates we are confident that you will always feel satisfied and stylish!

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