Fashion Fridays (are back on track)

sorry for the two week relapse folks...I never really hooked up internet in my house, and internet cafe's were getting to be a hassle...especially when my car broke down :( so i was neglecting this.
my bad!!!
but I gave in. I have internet at the casa now, and fashion friday's are back on track!!!

so with no further adieu....


Bottle Freakers!!! These little swanky do-dads are a lovely invention created by some cool cats down in Wilmington, NC.  Made in the Freakin' US of A!!!!



Suspender Tights! These little bad boys will be a MUST-HAVE this fall...pair it with some high-waisted tweed shorts for a sultry, yet sophisticated look...check out some pairs by Pretty Polly at



Check out the link for details on how to win a For You Design bolero sponsored by Friedasopie, handcrafted just for you!



Create your own Caged Shoe Look! follow the link, sponsored by Love Maegan, for your own step by step instructions!!

have a great weekend!!

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