Chromatic Roadtrip

(blouse - H&M, pants and belt - Old Navy, scarf - Nordstrom, hat - Urban Outfitters)

Back in April two of my best friends and I followed one of our favorite bands, Of Montreal, on a crazy road trip across North Carolina. 
We started off the roadtrip in Greensboro just hanging out and lounging at local dive bars. Then took off to Charlotte (my new home) where we had a blast partying on a Monday night. Next, we hopped in the car back to Chapel Hill to go to the Of Montreal show, only to see our ex boyfriend (yes, singular. all three of us dated the same guy...and no, not all at the same time). Finally, we went to Asheville where we got matching owl tattoos! 

This outfit was the start of the roadtrip and made for great travel wear.

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