Clips and Pieces

(first batch of pics: blazer- Target, blouse- TJ Maxx, shorts- TJ Maxx, shoes- Sam Edelman, purse- H&M, jewelry- Forever21 and Ivy&Leo)

(second batch: sweater dress- Old Navy, skirt- Forever21, jacket- Express, tights- DSW, shoes- DSW, necklace- Urban Outfitters)

(third batch: shirt- Old Navy, jacket- Forever21, anorak- Forever21, scarf- H&M, jeans- Gap, purse- Zara, shoes- DSW, jewelry- Forever21, Gap, etc.)

I know it has been a while since I last posted, but between Miami, S.S. Coachella, and going home for Christmas I really have not had the time. I am sorry! I need to stay more consistent...BUT...I did take a ton of pictures on my vacation and will be uploading some very soon. So stay tuned to see some exciting S.S. Coachella and Miami action!

For now...Here's some clips of a few outfits I wore over my winter break.
The first outfit I wore in Miami! So short and light jacket were all I needed. Then, when I came back to NC I had to bundle up in sweaters and tights and several layers of jackets!!

Now...its even colder! I have no winter clothes!


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