A Dog Day

(blouse, shorts, necklaces, hat and collar link- Forever21, shoes- Charlotte Russe, chain ring- H&M, deer ring- Forever21, bag- Vintage)

I am terrible at updating this blog.
Recently I quit my job at DSW and began my management career at Victoria's Secret.
Excited! but busy and tired!
AJ has been working her full-time job at DSW and doing stretch assignments.
She even worked part-time at DKNY for a couple of months.
All of this and it is summer!
Time for traveling, relaxing by the pool and just having fun! And we HAVE been having A LOT of FUN...
when the weather has allowed it.
The entire month of July was one big rain cloud and now it's turned CHILLY!

But I promise...keep a close eye on the blog.
We are partnering with Charlotte Seen and starting a new fashion series in the Charlotte Area:
Get ready for it! and watch for updated pictures too.

Oh, and I am also going to Spain in four days!


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