Black on Black

(blouse- Forever 21, blazer- Forever 21, pants- Gap, gold socks- Forever 21, shoes- Not Rated from DSW, belt- The Limited, necklace and rings- Forever 21, purse- vintage, watch- Ivy&Leo)

This is my everyday work wear: black on black on black on black.
We can have gold and silver jewelry and accents in our clothes but that is all the details other than black!
But just because I wear black everyday doesn't mean I have to be bland or boring!
I love the timelessness black has: the little black dress, black blazer, black slacks, black pumps, etc.
But by adding a little menswear, Michael Jackson flare, and/or today's geometric trend in the detailing can really bring black to life and bring a current twist to a timeless neutral color.
Plus, I love the dramatic pop of gold on black.
Since I started my new job I keep finding myself wearing black on my days off too.


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