Ashley Jane's Engagement Photos!

As promised here is an update on Ashley Jane's big day!
Of course I had to go with more than one look!  Here's a few snaps of my favorite one's and some collages of the collections!
For this first look, we had talked about doing something casual but really personal.  Ryan rebuilds really cool vintage mopeds, and is so passionate about it.  He is even helping me with my own build!  It was the perfect prop to kick off our photo shoot.
He got me the amazing Taylor Says pumps for Christmas and I wanted to show those baby's off.  Coincidentally my helmet is blue, so we went with a blue flannel for him to tie in the pop's of color.
We chose to keep with the casual theme, but with more of a date setting.  This was the perfect spot!  It's a park at the metropolitan that offers a beautiful view of the city skyline with cool features like a waterfall, bridge, and outdoor seating.
Ryan put together his look, so I coordinated to match him.  I was really pleased to use my favorite chunky sweater too - it belonged to my grandfather so it's sentimental, but it also gave off that "I'm borrowing this from my sweetheart" vibe for the photo's. 
To finish the day we wanted to hit uptown for some of the more dressed up photo's.  We wanted to do looks with a "formal vibe" but it was also so cold!  Ryan used a black coat and I used a white one to give off the wedding look, but I still wanted a bit of quirky fun - hence the pink lips and pumps!
All of these fantastic photo's were taken by our photographer Michael! 

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