Before & After

In January, we kicked of the New Year resolution style by showing off some Before and After's.
This time around, a model called out sick and Christie stepped in! 
This time around, we had the help of the talented Demetrius Moser, of Salon Du Monde and Gorgeous Glo,  backstage.
Once everything was set, the girls set off on their big reveal!
Start Looking out for more blog posts! It is a new year and we are trying to get back into the swing of things! The holidays were a bit rough since we are both in the retail world and with AJ's engagement news and my Swede Beau it is hard to squeeze in hang time with each other!
and if you are in Charlotte then please come out for our next event for The Pairing:
Date Night
at Osso in Charlotte, NC
Thursday February 13th at 7pm.

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