P(r)ep Utilitarian

(sequin tank- American Eagle, blouse- Urban Outfitters, blazer, Target, pants- Express, shoes- Aldo, purse- Shoedazzle, bracelets- Express, necklace- Forever21)

Usually I would tell someone who is experimenting with mixing patterns for the first time that she should stick to a theme: Aztec with Aztec, feminine with feminine (like polka-dots and floral or polka-dot and bows or lace), tribal with tribal, etc.
My second advice would be to look for similar shapes and complimenting colors.
But when it comes to dressing myself...as far as I am concerned...if the colors of my layers and patterns compliment each other than it doesn't matter what the type of pattern.
So today I decided to wear a cream, green and black splotched blouse (I don't even know what to call this pattern or what theme it would fall under...tribal?) with a cream and black polka-dot blazer (more feminine), green pants (utilitarian), and oxford wedges (a spin on a classic...unexpecting like the outfit?).
And I truly don't know what to call this look other than unexpecting, but apparently unexpecting is not even a word, as it is not being recognized by my spell check or computer's dictionary. Only unexpected is a word.
Who else didn't know unexpecting was a made up word?


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