I wish I was on a Boat

(top- H&M, shorts- Forever21, shoes- Sperry's, bag- Aldo, boat necklace- J.Crew, anchor necklace- Forever21, belt- J.Crew, gold bracelets- Banana Republic/J.Crew/VS, rope bracelets- GAP/Target)

I can not believe how fast the summer has gone!
AJ and I have been terrible at posting and taking pics!
We haven't even shared half of our looks.
Hopefully after this week it will settle down a bit.
I am going to D.C. on Wednesday to apply for my Spanish Visa. This will be the final step in the process.
After I receive my visa it is smooth sailing from there...and only a few things on the "To Do" List to check off:
Sell things, Pack, Sell things, Pack, Move.
See you Soon SPAIN

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