Hey Morocco!

(top- Forever 21, pants- Forever 21, shoes- Urban Outfitters, crossbody- vintage, necklace- Forever 21, ring and bracelet- circa 2005 from an ex-boyfriend....handmade in NM)

So...I got my VISA. Got my plane ticket. Purchases luggage and a bookbag, starting to pack... and countdown. Only 18 more days until I will be living in Spain.
On an island.
In the Mediterranean.
Words cannot describe how excited and how scared I am!
I've put off packing the past week because I am so nervous, when I start to pack I just get overwhelmed and crawl into bed and pass out!
And I have completely forgotten about the blog! I have been so wound up in all of my plans that I haven't posted any looks in forever! We need to keep this ball rolling. I can't wait to post pics of fashion in Spain!
Side note-love these pants, they remind me of a spread in one of last year's fashion mags of tiled wall paintings in Morocco.


p.s. sorry about the wrinkled shirt. I had it in a suitcase. oops.

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