The Pairing: Date Night

This final Pairing event, was perhaps our favorite one of all!  We were also very happy for it's debut as it was originally scheduled for Valentines Day, but got snowed out...luckily there's no bad time for Romance!
Christie and I styled each couple for the date each was embarking on... the scene was set with Christie vaudeville dancing as she presented the que cards between each date!
First up, we had our models attending a Rock Concert! Cool and Casual - and "Addicted to Love"
Next we presented a quirky yet very trendy couple braving a Murder Mystery dinner.
After that, we had a classy couple attending a Wine Tasting - which we imagine was in a super fancy penthouse! Intimate and Elegant? Tres Chic!
Lastly, we revealed the look of a couple dining by candlelight with plans to attend a Broadway play later in the evening.  We never came to agreement on which play we thought it would be - but we know it was romantic!!!
Setting the stage through our styling was so much fun! As always, it was a wonderful experience.  We want to sincerely thank our partners for this series of events!

Until next time!

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